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March 31, 2011
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The pictures were so bright and colorful! And full of so many wonderful scenes! Some were pictures of animals, some of random odds and ends. One page had an image of small house, its lawn neatly trimmed and little pink flowers poking through the bright green blades of grass. He liked that one for its color. It brought a toothy grin to his features, his pine green eyes dancing with delight and wonder. However, his favorite page was near the back of the tiny book and it also happened to be the most worn; the young man having spent many an hour simply gazing at it and brushing the picture lovingly with his long, slender fingers. It was an image of a happy family, a child sitting on his father's lap and his mother standing next to the two. They smiled down at the boy, looking proud, and all seemed very content and pleased with their lives.

This had been Renato's dream for some time now… to have someone that was proud of him… someone that cared deeply for him… someone that would cry for him if he got hurt or sad. He hadn't had anyone as long as he could remember and it had always been a source of great grief for the mutated being. At heart he was a very loving and caring person, overlooking people's faults with the greatest of ease… but people tended to see only what they perceived of him: A horrible abomination of science that shouldn't rightly exist. Those that happened to actually get a glimpse of the tentacled man usually either shied away in fear or tried to exterminate him… both of which had the former Spy in tears by the time the ordeal was over. All he had wanted was a friend… but then one day… he got one.

It had been a day like any other day, the tenta sunbathing on the shore outside of his little pond, completely unawares of the events that would change life as he knew it. One of the Medic's of RED had gotten into a fight with some of his teammates, the end result having the smaller man floating unconsciously down the waterways and into Renato's home. At first, the tentaspy had been terrified of the Medic, having had many a bad experience with them. However, he had felt compassion for the slowly drowning man and, after only a moment's hesitation, saved him. Later, he would come to find out that the Medic's name was Klaus. Klaus, being as kindhearted as he was, even with a few… mental issues (though Renato never really noticed those), instantly befriended the strange young man and the rest, as they say, is history.

Renato purred quietly at the memory, licking his lips as he remembered the delicious sweets that Klaus had given him to tempt him out of hiding on their first meeting. He loved candy… maybe he could get the Medic to bring him some if he asked nicely. The tentaspy had not really known how to speak when the two first met, having a hard time forming words. It wasn't only because of his lack of simply knowing them, but also because of the way his teeth and basic anatomy had morphed ever since he had been… changed. Klaus had been trying his best to teach Renato how to talk ever since, the curious tentaspy ever eager to learn new things.

He continued to gaze down at his little book, the old thing really meant for children and not a grown man, but… Renato didn't care. Not like he would be able to read a real book anyway… He smiled at the happy family, resting his chin in his hands and letting out a dreamy sigh. His gaze shifted to the mother, making the tentaspy giggle. The woman wore a practical blue dress, her long blonde hair falling just under her shoulders. The young man laughed again at the picture, as he always did. That didn't look like his mama… not at all!

No, Renato didn't have a real mother. Not one that he knew of anyway… but after having been friends with Klaus for a long while, the Medic met someone. Her name was Cole and she just so happened to be a Pyro. Yet another class that scared the living daylights out of the poor, timid creature. However, Cole had proved herself to be just as nice (and just as mental) as the little Medic, warming up to the tentacled man as soon as she met him. One day, during a lovely little meeting between just the two of them, Cole had asked Renato if he had any parents. He had a hard time understanding what and/or who she was talking about and of course not being able to remember anyway. Disheartened, the Pyro had shown him a picture of her own mother, trying to get across to him what a parent actually was. In a muddle of confusion, this had somehow led to Renato calling Cole "mama" and the name stuck, much to the female Pyro's delight.

He had a better understanding of what "parents" were now, but he still liked calling the young woman by the nickname he had given her. It brought Renato comfort. He knew that neither Klaus nor Cole were his real parents and yet… they were all he had and in his own personal opinion? They were just as good as any other parent, loving him for who he was and Renato loving them just as much. He wasn't afraid of being alone anymore… or frightened, or desperate for any sort of human contact. The tentaspy had all he needed and it was more than enough for him. In fact, he considered himself to be incredibly lucky. Who else could look and act the way that he did and still get a willing hug, full of love and acceptance?

Taking out a small box, Renato opened the miniature latch, hoping that its contents hadn't gotten soiled. Klaus had given it to him, filling it with several little odds and ends to keep him occupied while they were busy battling the other team and such. Oh good… nothing had gotten wet. He let breathed a sigh of relief, letting out a little "churr" of delight as he found a leftover candy in the corner of the box, instantly unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth. Crunching loudly, Renato reached another hand inside, removing a few Crayons and a folded up piece of crisp, white paper. Laying them down on the book, he pondered which color to use. The little colors looked well-used, the paper that had originally wrapped around them completely gone and most of them simply a minuscule nub. He would have to ask Klaus to get him some new ones… maybe some new colors! Renato squealed in excitement at the idea, choosing what was left of his red Crayon and hunching over his blank paper, soon deep in thought. Gripping the color the way that Cole had shown him how to, he made his first few lines, purplish tongue poking out of his mouth as he concentrated.

After some time had passed, a little cry of joy emanated from the pond, the tentaspy having finished his picture. He gazed down at it proudly, turning it this way and that to make sure it was to his liking. Perfect. Running a hand over it, he purred in contentment. Upon the page was Renato's best interpretation of what he considered his unusual little family to look like. A stick figure of Klaus was positioned on the left, his silky black hair now arranged at odd intervals surrounding his head and his glasses slightly askew. Cole resided on the right of the picture, her gas mask off and her normally red-ish purple, mohawk-like hairstyle forming a bright red line across the top of her head and trailing down her forehead. Then there was Renato himself, sitting in the middle, tentacles looking more like strings and his stick arms clutching the Medic's and the Pyro's hands tightly. All of them were adorned with a happy smile upon their faces, the tentaspy himself grinning more than he had in a long time. Giving the picture a tight hug, crumpling it a bit in his grasp, he looked toward the RED base. He hoped that they would visit him soon. He couldn't WAIT to give them his gift… and maybe Klaus would bring him some more candy…
Full Title: "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words"
I freaking hate you sometimes, DA...


But anyway, this all evolved through MANY different RP's between me, ~Banished-Dreams, and ~FireSniper197. Renny lubves his parents <3

A couple of pics if you would like to see what they look like: [link] , [link] , and [link] .

THIS IS MY FIRST FIC OF RENNY! If you want to know more about my tentaspee, Renato, go find his profile in my gallery. It's there somewhere >_> ALSO MISTAKES WILL MOST LIKELY BE HERE, FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS WELCOME JUST AS LONG AS YOU ARE NICE ABOUT IT! ;)

Renato Desmarais belongs to ME
Klaus Valentin belongs to ~FireSniper197
Cole Azarus belongs to ~Banished-Dreams
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This ... is... ADORABLE !

:D IS there a sequel to this ? I really do hope so :3
Aaaww thank you so much! I love writing for Renato~

Well, there isn't really... Most of my writing is just things I do on a whim. I will probably try to write more for him soon, however, since I have been getting some requests to do so ^u^

Once again, thanks for reading~
I hope to see more soon then ;) I'll be waiting.
scarechan May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconchuplz: omg renato is so cuuuuuuute~! i love it!! great work! XD
(Late comment is late, SO SORRY!)

Aaaww thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3
scarechan Jun 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no probs!! XD

and aaaaaaaaw your very welcome! XD
Yaaaay. I like how simple he is about what he likes.
Thank you, dear! He... is a very simple guy lD
He is very easy to please lol
SerovarBlowtorch Apr 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 Eeeee, Pyros have such a special place in my heart~
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